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Say goodbye to self-doubt

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

I'm full of self-doubt... Yes, believe it or not I am!

I may be a therapist but I too have moments where I...

Question if what I’m doing is enough?

Feel incapable of facing life’s uncertainties and challenges.


Even lack confidence around making decisions.

But I’m in good company, because so are half the artists I follow on Spotify (except maybe Kanye), many Fortune 500 CEOs and even Hollywood celebrities.

Through my work, studies and personal experiences I’ve come to know there are five common causes of self-doubt:

1. Past experience and mistakes

2. Childhood upbringing

3. Comparisons with others

4. New challenges

5. Fear of failure or success

In my case I’d say all of the above have triggered periods of self-doubt throughout my life. Yet despite the discomfort, on reflection I need to acknowledge that I would probably cease to exist as I am now (without self-doubt) because these days it DRIVES ME.


Well...My world changed when I focussed on keeping it in check rather than trying to eradicate it.

It’s the answers to these questions that now stop self-doubt from overtaking me and dictating my actions:

👉What is it (being the situation/concern/decision) worth to me?

👉What is my self-doubt costing me and is the price too high?

👉Is it worse to try and fail or to not try at all?

So, when you start to feel uneasy, your stomach drops with fear and you attempt to find comfort by checking your phone, hitting the snooze button, having another drink or digging out the Nutella jar…


✅ Take a deep breath and calm your nerves.

✅ Be mindful of your inner monologue.

✅ Start to question yourself rather than doubt yourself by asking yourself – Is this true for me right now?

And if you are still feeling unsteady write down the worst-case scenario. TRUST ME, TRY IT! Once you can actually see your excuses and worst fears on paper, you may see that there’s not as much to be afraid of and this will allow you to chunk it down and TAKE ACTION.

You’re welcome and if you want more on SELF-DOUBT check out episode 16 on my Think Smart, Feel Smart, Live Smart podcast. Listen on Apple Podcasts Listen on Podbean

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