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Teen study group


The Teen years (12-18+) are an important time. As young people move into adulthood, they start to develop physical and emotional maturity by exploring their sense of self in the world. There is a biological progression of moving away from the family group in order to gain greater independence. This process is a significant, and necessary, transition for both the teenager and their family.

We provide adolescent counselling for:

  • anger management

  • stress and/or anxiety

  • behavioural concerns

  • bullying

  • family conflict

  • grief and loss

  • interpersonal conflict

  • relationship issues

  • self-esteem issues

We have just introduced a FREE service to connect you with a qualified counsellor so that you can have a 15 minute chat about how they can personally support you. Find out more about our FREE Mental Health Wellness Call service.


Counselling for adolescents is an invaluable therapeutic tool designed to help adolescents make sense of themselves, their behaviours and interactions with others during this critical time of development.  We may be able to help your teenager to feel happy, secure and confident within themselves and your family dynamic.  Empowering them with the necessary skills they will be able to utilise when problems arise as they continue into adulthood.

We also provide family counselling for parents who are needing support with managing their family’s wellbeing, and help with the complex role of parenting.  There is no rule book about parenting and no parent does it perfectly, but learning effective parenting strategies can make a big difference to a child’s wellbeing and behaviour.


Real change and significant improvements don’t happen overnight. They are only seen when you work closely and consistently with a professional to: 

  • Identify patterns and behaviours that don't serve you; 

  • Help you see what you’re not seeing for yourself; and 

  • Create a plan to move forward. 

In general, to see maximum benefits, 6 to 8 counselling sessions with one of our experienced and qualified therapists is recommended. We do offer single sessions however our years of experience has shown us that clients get the best results with 6 - 8 sessions. Maintaining your mental wellbeing requires life long maintenance. We believe it is just as important as brushing your teeth or regular exercise. You don’t brush your teeth three times a year and expect to have pearly whites with no cavities do you? Our mental wellbeing is the same, one-of inconsistent support will only get you so far.

On the daily we see the life changing results regular therapy (within a set timeframe) promotes. Ezy Pay (our chosen buy now, pay later provider) is available for packaged sessions. We recently introduced this payment option to give more people the opportunity to maximise the benefits of consistent therapy and support.


Contact us via phone or email. When we hear from you, we will spend some time:

  • discussing your needs and recommending suitable counselling options; and

  • answering any questions you may have.

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