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Let's get your spark back!

Reclaim your relationship with the Creating Intimacy 
counselling program.

Creating Intimacy is a 90 day, 1:1 counselling program that has been delivered all over Australia by Mental Health Wellbeing Expert, and registered Relationship and Family Therapist Vee Vinci.

The Creating Intimacy program has helped more than 100 couples regain connection, passion, respect, understanding and trust.


Talk to us and find out if this program is right for you.

Intimate relationships continually go through ebbs and flows.

Great highs - moving together, your wedding day, having children, and buying a house (just to name a few).
As well as more difficult times where work stress, kids, differences in priorities, poor communication, trauma, and fatigue get in the way and place pressure on even the most solid of relationships.

You do your best to navigate your way through, attempting all the right things: date nights, weekends away, talking more, putting the phone down by 8 pm, reading self-help books, and listening to podcasts yet despite your efforts you think to yourself or even say out aloud statements like:

“Do I even love him/her anymore? ”

“We never talk”

“We've lost our connection”

“We are like ships in the night”
“I still love him/her but I'm not love with him/her”

“I just want the person I married/first met back”


It almost feels like although your significant other is right in front of you, they are shielded by a glass window.

You can't connect, you can't communicate clearly ... a barrier is in the way.

I see this in my practice, couples who:
👉 argue often
👉 hardly communicate
👉 spend less time together
👉 resent each other
👉 don't resolve conflicts
👉 don't know how or have the desire to enjoy each other's company
👉 say backhanded comments, digs, and subtle put-downs more often than compliments

👉 are unfaithful (emotionally or physically)

How are you supposed to see clearly in your relationship when you are swimming through a sea of sh%t?

Expert help is invaluable when things get a little cloudy and you’re lacking perspective when it comes to your relationship.

The right support can lead you out of the haze of frustration and confusion to a place of clarity and calm.

2 Sea of shit.png

Find out more about the support this program provides. Book your FREE 15 min INTIMACY CALL NOW!

Added benefits include…

3 Happiness.png


There are studies showing a strong link between relationships and overall happiness levels. Romantic relationships increase oxytocin - a chemical that promotes bonding. Oxytocin increases happiness!

4 Stress Reduction.png

Stress Reduction

It's well documented that people in healthy, committed relationships tend to produce less cortisol (stress hormone). This suggests that couples are less responsive to psychological stress and that the social and emotional support that comes with having a partner can be a great buffer against stress. Life is a rollercoaster but knowing you have someone who loves and supports you by your side is a mental health booster. Additionally, some research indicates health relationships can help live longer.

5 Healthier Behaviours.png

Healthier Behaviours

A spouse or partner can encourage you to engage in healthy behaviours like exercising, eating healthy, or avoiding drugs through their lifestyle. It's easy to pick a healthy habit when you're surrounded by people who practice the same.

As a couple, when you find clarity, you identify a clear picture of what you both want, where you are heading and what actions are required (of both of you) to get you there.

Enter the...

Creating Intimacy
counselling program

The 90 day, 1:1 counselling program that has helped more than 100 couples regain connection, passion, respect, understanding and trust.

Led by Mental Health Wellbeing Expert, and Relationship and Family Therapist Vee Vinci you and your partner will discover:
✅ What you want?
✅ What's in your way?
✅ What your priorities currently are and how and why they may need to change?
✅ How to recognise what’s in control and direct your attention and action.
✅ The unobvious reasons as to why trust is critical to a fulfilling relationship.
✅ How to overcome communication roadblocks and communicate better as a couple.
✅ The difference between intimacy and sex
✅ How to manage differences and expectations.
✅ How to support each other and manage responsibilities (with a focus on chore was and money stress)

Can you see the warning signs yet choose to ignore them because you don't know how to move forward?

Are you tiptoeing around the issues in hope things will get better?

 Knowing you need to take action but instead continue Groundhog Day because you know it requires effort and vulnerability and the thought of it is confronting?

 Book your FREE 15 min INTIMACY CALL NOW!

Here are just some of the few AH-HA moments you will experience from the Creating Intimacy program:

✅ How having clarity on your needs and wants is critical to creating the relationship and life you and your partner both desire.

✅ How having your priorities (as a couple) in order is the key to overcoming obstacles and finding joy in everyday life.

✅ That what you focus on creates your reality, good, bad or otherwise.

This content has been delivered to more than 100 couples, many who end up saying:

“We loved how you allowed us both the space to express ourselves and still feel good. You never made either of us feel that we were "the problem" but if you saw something that wasn't working, you would immediately pick it up and call it out exactly how it was.
We both responded to that”

Vee is a registered Relationship and Family therapist who is passionate about delivering quality mental health wellbeing services and programs in order to avoid mental health problems. Having spent years stuck in a cycle of anger, blame, confusion and self-sabotage, Vee has close to 10 years of experience helping people uncover the blind spots that are keeping them trapped in bad habits, addiction, self-sabotage, anxiety and troubled relationships.

Think of your relationship like your indoor plants. When they become a little sad and dreary do you rip them out and start again?

Of course NOT!


Instead, you nurture them by giving them some water and sunlight. You give them some feed, you address the soil.


Just like your indoor plants need some attention and nurturing, so does your relationship.

Time, patience and expert support goes a long way to repair regrowth.

That's where I come in, I provide you with the tools and expertise to revive what's been neglected.

I'll help you tend to what's not working, uncover what's responsible and show you how to get things looking a little greener again.

Appearances can be deceiving for plants and relationships. It may look like there is little to no coming back but almost all the time there is a bit of life left and with the right care it somehow miraculously starts growing and in time, even blooming again.

Here is how I will help you find clarity so you can transform your relationship.

→ Over eight, 1:1 online sessions (held over a 90 day period) I will support you and your partner to find clarity and create a clear picture of what you want and where you want to be heading.

We will also cover:

  • Priorities

  • Trust

  • Communication (including roadblocks)

  • Intimacy versus Sex

  • Managing Differences (children, significant differences and expectations)

  • Support (chore warns, money stress and responsibilities)

  • Action required to get you both were you want to be (individually and as a couple)

→ Lock in your first 90 minute, 1:1 counselling session immediately after purchasing the program. All subsequent appointments will be scheduled during your first session to ensure they are prioritised in you and your partner's calendar.


→ Before your first 1:1 session, you'll be given a questionnaire to complete and a video to watch so that I can get to know you before we start. It’s important to me that we can get started right off the gate so you can get the most out of every minute we work together


→ Each session is 90 minutes in duration and will include pre work and homework to support you both solidify your learnings and motivate you to turn your new insights into positive lasting change.

What are people saying about the
Creating Intimacy program:

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Testimonial 3.png

CHOOSE the Creating Intimacy program to build and maintain the healthy relationship you always dreamt of.

Together, feel confident and empowered to improve your relationship.
 Investment: $2,640

Frequently Asked Questions

We are so busy, we don't have time for this.

Yes I feel you, but what if I told you less than 24 hours could significantly IMPROVE YOUR RELATIONSHIP FOR THE BETTER? Would you make the time? 

Still don’t think you can make the time? Maybe you need to ask yourself "What is the cost of not investing your time into this now and where will that leave you and your relationship in 5 years?"

Plus you pick the times for your 1:1 sessions #noexcuses.

This investment seems like a stretch for us.

Adhoc support and impersonalised programs will only get you so far. Real change happens when you consistently work in an intimate environment with someone who can pick up on your patterns and allow you to see what you're not seeing. It will be the best $ you have ever spent! See the testimonials above.


How does the program work?

You will participate in 8, 1:1 online counselling sessions via Zoom in the comfort of your own home or space of your choice with Mental Health Wellbeing Expert, and Relationship and Family Therapist Vee Vinci.

You can schedule in your first 1:1 session within minutes of purchasing the program.

Each session is 90 minutes in duration and may include pre work and homework to support you to solidify your learnings and motivate you to turn your new insights into positive lasting change.

Everything is delivered online.

How long do I have access to this program from purchase?

All 1:1 sessions will be held within 90 days of you purchasing the program.

All the resources you are provided with are yours to keep. This means you’ll have access to all your materials forever!


What happens after I purchase?

As soon as your payment is processed, you’ll get an email from me in your inbox (check your spam if you can’t see it).


Inside you'll find welcome video and a short questionnaire so you can literally get started within minutes!

Payment Options

Upfront payment by bank transfer or credit card.

Buy now, pay later using Ezypay
2, 3 and 5 month repayment options available


The Creating Intimacy counselling program is an eight session, 1:1 counselling program that has been delivered all over Australia by Mental Health Wellbeing Expert, and registered Relationship and Family Therapist Vee Vinci.


The Creating Intimacy program is one of HeadQuarters Counselling Services' premium 1:1 programs that has helped more than 100 couples regain connection, passion, respect, understanding and trust.

Refunds are not offered for the Creating Intimacy counselling program.

All eight 1:1 sessions must be used within 90 days of purchase.

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