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Handling tough times

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

Oh, has life dealt me a few sh%t sticks!

You know what I mean… those situations and events that shake you to your core… where you think How the f%ck am I going to get through this?

Like the time I found out I had a brain tumour…

Or the time one of my children was diagnosed with Leukaemia.

It was F%CKING SH%T!


But I got through.

I got through because I had done a lot of work on myself.

I had learnt how to be empowered in a situation that I had no control over.

I had learnt the importance and value of accepting and feeling every part of life – the good bits and the sh%t bits.

I had learnt how to identify what emotions were popping up and how to handle them.

And here’s the kicker…

I had learnt that it’s OK to be angry.

And (in time) how to direct my anger in a way that hurt no one, not even me.

So these days, even in times of pain, frustration and uncertainty I tend to remain relatively steady and can still enjoy life in its entirety.

I’m not perfect, I still get the wobbles, but I ground myself much quicker and with much less trauma (for myself and others).

And this doesn’t just benefit me, but also those closest to me. If you are ready to regain stability, joy and satisfaction in your life? Book in a FREE 20 minute CALL with me to find out how I can support you in doing this through the next intake of my #memyselfandi Mastery Program, due to kick off in May!

It’s getting results 👇

You too deserve a life full of joy, connection, meaning and purpose. A life where you have a solid understanding of yourself and what you need to do, to satisfy your needs and wants.

I’d love to help you get clear, confident and in control over the next six months – so you can really better your life. And I’d really like to see you every week on our calls and in our exclusive closed facebook group – I genuinely enjoy connecting with my #memyselfandi Mastery Program participants and seeing their growth and insights in this way.

Just be aware PLACES ARE LIMITED! I cap each cohort at 5 people to ensure I can give each participant the individualised attention and support they need while in the program. The small groups also promote participant connection and support which is beneficial when everyone involved has the common goal of improving their life.

If you are thinking the time and $ investment is a stretch for you? Ask yourself, what is the cost of not investing your time and $ into this now and where will that leave you in 5 years?

And to make it easier for you, I've recently partnered with Open Pay to offer an extended payment plan option. This means you can now spread your payments over two, four, six or 12 months - INTEREST FREE.

Any questions? Shoot me a reply email or let’s jump on a FREE 20 minute CALL.

Or if you’re ready to jump straight in, hit reply to this email and let me know.

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