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My take on R U OK? day

R U OK? DAY is a reminder that sometimes, thinking about someone just isn't enough. We need to take action and ask.

Often, we assume that others are checking in on our loved ones, so we don't reach out ourselves. But sometimes, when we think "everyone" is checking in, "no one" is.

So, on this meaningful day, don't hesitate to send lots of texts to your friends and family. It's far better to flood their inboxes with "too many texts" than to not reach out at all.

In the midst of our busy lives, we can forget just how much a simple question like "Are you okay?" can mean to someone. It has the power to brighten their day and make a real difference.

Today and every day, let's make an effort to reach out, connect, and demonstrate our care for those we cherish. Let's turn our thoughts into actions and be there for each other, supporting one another through life's inevitable ups and downs.

Check out the official R U OK? Conversation Guide to help you with these important conversations

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