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What makes you feel anxious, confused and guilty

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Since you are reading this article I’m guessing that at some point the following has come out of your mouth…

I feel confused

I feel anxious

Or even…

I feel guilty

Well I call…


Not on your feelings… but on the above statements.

Because yes, while they feel real, in my experience they are often mislabeled.

Hear me out..

When someone tells me they are CONFUSED, 9 times out of 10 I dig deeper to find they actually have an internal war going on between their conscious and subconscious.

Meaning they have "seen" something that their subconscious doesn't like or agree with.

This makes them feel uncomfortable.

Not being able to sit with the uncomfortable makes them feel ANXIOUS.

Then the questioning statements like “What The Heck Is Wrong With Me?” begin… And they feel GUILTY for feeling ANXIOUS. On the flipside they might feel GUILTY for doing something they aren't proud of... which leads them to feel ANXIOUS about what they have done.

So, why am I telling you this? And why should you care?

Well here’s the thing….

The key to resolving feelings of discomfort is to label them for what they are i.e. anger, fear, sadness.

And then....


So, next time you feel CONFUSED, ANXIOUS or GUILTY ask yourself these questions to help you process the discomfort and find some clarity.

What's happening that goes against what I believe?

Why doesn't it sit well with me?

Is it true for me now or does it belong to a different time?

Does it still serve me now?


What have I done that goes against what I believe?

Why doesn't it sit well with me?

Does my belief need to change or do I?

And then you will be able to discover why you feel the way you do.


It takes practice but it works.

Feel free to like, share and comment below.

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