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Unleash Your Inner Imperfectionist: Embrace the Beautiful Messiness of Life

Updated: Jun 3, 2023

Are you tired of chasing an elusive idea of flawlessness, only to feel like you're never quite good enough? Yep, I feel you. Well, I did until I learnt to kick perfectionism to the curb and embrace the beautiful messiness of life.

And let me share with you how I did it...

I started setting realistic standards for myself I mean, think about it when you don’t - it's like running a marathon but expecting to teleport straight to the winner's podium. Teleportation isn't a thing (yet!), and neither is perfection. So, these days I set achievable goals that align with my abilities and aspirations. Trust me, crossing a finish line (in whatever I set out to achieve) feels a lot better than standing on an imaginary podium!

I embraced mistakes and failures Just like those adorable baby penguins learning to walk, I stumbled, fell, and faceplanted on occasion. But guess what? I realised those missteps are the secret sauce for growth and improvement. So, now I dust myself off, learn from my blunders, and waddle forward with newfound wisdom.

Instead of obsessing over perfection, I shifted my focus to progress Picture this - painting a masterpiece stroke by stroke but getting hung up on the tiniest imperfections. Life's journey is a lot like that painting. It's the accumulation of small wins and incremental improvements that truly matter. So, now I celebrate all my little victories along the way and relish in the progress I make. After all, a masterpiece is not created in a day!

I began practicing self-compassion I learnt to be my own best friend, the one who gives me pep talks when I'm down, lifts me up when I stumble, and celebrates my awesomeness at every opportunity. Now I am my own cheerleader, and boy, does it make a difference!

I challenged my perfectionist thinking Imagine a world where dogs are called cats, the sky is green, and pizzas are topped with broccoli instead of cheese. Sounds a bit off, right? Well, perfectionist thoughts can do the same to our perception of reality. So, I started questioning those thoughts and asking myself if they were realistic or helpful. I now reframe my thinking in a more balanced and flexible way, embracing the beauty of imperfection and letting go of the need for perfection. So, now you are in the know I encourage you to embrace imperfection, dance with progress, and laugh in the face of those pizza toppings that make no sense. You are imperfectly perfect, own it! Feel free to like, share and comment on this blog post below.

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