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These 4 things won’t make you happy

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

Any of these ring true for you?

Being a self-critic

Think of the times you beat yourself up…

How did you feel?





All of the above?

Nothing good comes out of it! Yet you do it over and over again!

Plus it creates a negative feedback loop that leaves you feeling worse about yourself and your abilities.

Instead, when you feel yourself falling into a pattern of self-criticism focus on self-compassion and understanding.

When you do this and begin to understand your mistakes and learnings from them. This leads to more positive thoughts, which can lead to more positive outcomes and improved self-confidence, bye-bye inner critic.

Making judgements and assumptions

How often do you make judgements/assumptions of yourself and others?

i.e I'm useless or they're useless

How many times does it lead to you forming negative opinions that may not be accurate or fair?

My advice…

Get the full picture before you jump to a conclusion.

And practice being more open-minded and understanding of yourself and others - you’ll feel much better for it.

Escaping (alcohol, drugs, overeating etc)

It may seem like a quick, easy way to find relief from difficult emotions or to numb yourself of a situation, but unfortunately, in the long run, these behaviours can lead to more unhappiness and pain.

In black and white… all you are doing is avoiding dealing with underlying issues.

And planting the seed for a potential addiction… eeek!

If you are feeling like you need to escape, it can be helpful to focus on finding healthier coping mechanisms like connecting with a supportive friend or family member, meditating, exercising, or engaging in a creative activity.

Thinking you’re always right

When you ignore or discount the opinions of others you may miss out on valuable learning opportunities for self-improvement.

I’m not saying take on the opinion of every Tom, Dick and Harry!

Because we know that aint good either!

I’m just suggesting you pay attention to patterns and repetition – things you may hear more than once.

The universe keeps throwing things at you until you get the lesson in them.

Don’t let your fixed mindset justify your behaviour that’s always been – something better might be trying to find you.

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