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Motivational Tips

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

I don't know about you but these cold mornings are making life hard.

Motivation is lacking, but luckily I have a few tricks in my toolkit to get me going and today I'm going to share my top 10 with you.

10: Trick the brain, act as if you feel motivated

Rather than sitting on the couch all day waiting for motivation to knock on your door. Get dressed and get moving. You might find that taking action will kickstart your motivation and create momentum to keep you going.

9: Argue the opposite

When negative thoughts like “It’s all too hard” or “I’ll never get it done anyway” consume your mind, try listing the reasons why you might succeed. Notice how you feel afterwards?

8: Practise self-compassion

Harsh self-criticism doesn't work! Self-compassion does and research backs this. Speak to yourself kindly. Imagine how you would speak to a young child who was finding it hard to attempt something?

7: Use the 10 minute rule

Give yourself 10 minutes to have a go at what you need to do. If after 10 minutes you aren't feeling it, give yourself permission to pull the pin. You will find that once you hit the 10 minute mark you will more likely want to keep going.

6: Change it up

A change of scenery, fresh air or a little movement can do wonders for motivation. If you can, move what you are doing to another location. If you can’t physically change things up, get outside for 10 minutes. Take a walk, soak up some vitamin D and breathe in some fresh air. Rejuvenate the brain with some variety and you might find you will feel more motivated to tackle the task you’ve been dragging your feet on.

5: Pair a task (you are unmotivated to do) with something you enjoy

Boost your mood by adding a little fun or pleasure to something you're not motivated to do. For example, listen to music while you run, call a friend and chat while you're cleaning the house or defuse some beautiful essential oils while you're working on your computer.

4: Manage your 'To-Do' list

When your to-do list gets overwhelming, life gets overwhelming and motivation wanes.

Prioritise a maximum of three of the most important things on your list and leave the other tasks to a different day.

3: Reward yourself

Decide on a small reward you can have once you achieve your task. For example, a cup of coffee on completing your daily report or buying a magazine at the end of the week because you made it to the gym every time you planned to.

2: Practise self-care

You will continue to struggle with motivation as long as you aren't caring for yourself. Sleep deprivation, poor diet, and lack of leisure time are just a few things that can make trudging through the day more difficult. It doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive, just practice one thing a day that lights you up. Stuck for ideas? Sign up for my FREE Self-Care Challenge and receive 31 prompts to help you incorporate self-care into your life the daily.

1: Reach out for help

Sometimes there is a deeper reason as to why you are lacking drive and motivation. If you have tried all of the above or your lack of motivation is affecting your daily functioning. For example, if you aren’t able to go to work, your performance at work is suffering or you are finding it hard to leave the house, seek help from a professional.

Not sure how to get started? Book a FREE 15 minute Mental Wellness Chat with me where we will discuss:

  • what your main issues are and how we can address them

  • what treatment options would best suit your needs

  • timeframes, costs, and what you can expect from working together

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