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Lose weight, quit smoking, improve insomnia + more with RTT

Our Rapid Transformational Therapy program (RTT) is getting our clients quick, lasting results in improving:

  • self-esteem;

  • weight loss and unhealthy eating patterns;

  • smoking addiction;

  • insomnia;

  • phobias such as the fear of flying;

  • anxiety and panic attacks;

  • health conditions; and more.

"I HAD Insomnia! That feels great to say! 20 years of struggle IS OVER thanks to RTT! I didn’t think it would work but now I’m all for spreading the word. Whatever your struggle, you won’t regret it. "

RTT client (33-year-old male)

RTT has the power to help you unlock permanent CHANGE in your life!

RTT rewires the beliefs and behaviours behind your fears, phobias and any negative habits by tapping into your subconscious mind, rebooting and regenerating new ideas that serve you better.

RTT gets to the root cause of the issues and can free you from whatever is holding you back whether that be low self-esteem, unhealthy eating habits, health conditions, financial pressure, anxiety, or much more so that you can live a joyful, successful, abundant life.

The RTT process explained...

Chelsea Morgan, registered Counsellor and RTT Therapist will work with you to uncover the meaning and interpretation of events in your life and then change them. While under hypnosis she will guide you to access early memories that are stored in your subconscious mind as well as any self-limiting/faulty beliefs associated with these memories. Together you will then investigate the formation of these beliefs, interrupt the self-limiting beliefs and install new self-affirming beliefs to assist you to form new helpful behaviours that promote immediate results.

Additionally, you receive your own personalised transformational recording to listen to. By listening to this recording you will reaffirm the work you did under hypnosis and continue to rewire old self-limiting/faulty beliefs and establish new positive neural pathways which is an integral part of the transformational process.

Get in quick!

RTT is increasingly becoming a popular program and we have limited spots. Enquire today to avoid waiting months!

Book a FREE Mental Health Wellness Call today to find out if RTT is suitable for you and your needs.


"I was stuck in a rut, I felt fat, worthless, and comfort ate junk food to make myself feel better. I had zero motivation or strength to do anything about it. The weight kept piling on, doctors couldn’t help me and I didn’t want to go down the surgery path.

I made the decision find out more about RTT.

Chelsea was upfront, honest and friendly.

She answered any questions thoroughly, I felt completely at ease with her.

She explained that I would have “full control” throughout the process.

It was amazing and easy! I found out the root cause of my weight gain.

I was able tap into my subconscious mind, reset and rewire it. This gave me mindset and strength I needed to start my weight loss journey.

Within a few weeks I noticed my eating habits had changed, I was eating less and my food choices were healthy (without effort).

My mindset around exercise completely changed, I joined the local gym! I hated it at first, but something in my mind gave me motivation and pushed me forward.

Chelsea kept in contact throughout the whole process and was such a great support.

Now, 5.5 months on I’m 23kgs down and feel like a completely different person!

It’s all in the mind and I 110% believe RTT had a massive impact on my way of thinking and helped me get to where I am today.

Thank you Chelsea! You have not only made me feel better about my reflection in the mirror, you also helped improve my health!

I can not recommend Chelsea enough! Make a start today with RTT, you won’t regret it!"

RTT Client - Sarah

Book a call today to discuss your needs, have us answer all your questions and recommend suitable RTT options.

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