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You know you can't go on like this...

  • Feeling anxious, triggered, or not yourself

  • Getting angry or irritable over silly things

  • Constantly feeling “down”

  • Using food, alcohol, TV or social media as a comfort mechanism

  • Avoiding certain people because you’re afraid they’ll trigger trauma or an irrational response

  • Unable to rest.. your mind is constantly making "to do lists" and your overwhelmed and tired (oh so very tired)

  • Feeling overwhelmed with life and thinking that "everyone else seems to be able to do it so effortlessly" 

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But nothing changes, so nothing changes
and eventually you notice...

Your relationships starts to crumble.

Those close to you no longer emphatise with you.

And your self-control spirals

Through the tears, feelings of guilt and maybe even just as you  scrape the bottom of the ice cream tub you realise...

You're the common denominator!

And something needs to change... and quick!

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Designed specifically for people who need:

👉 step-by-step guidance to help breakthrough life-long destructive thinking.


👉 to identify the blindspots that are impacting their behaviour.


👉 to recalibrate their mindset.


👉 finally experience change that lasts.


I was ready to leave my marriage and my job and I was neglecting all my needs and feeling very misunderstood.


Since finishing #memyselfandi I have reconnected with my partner I’m a more present and patient mum I’m a more confident and competent professional at work I’m better at asking for what I need from others I don’t get overwhelmed and emotional I’ve been able to prioritise things like fitness and exercise for me (it’s been years) I’ve lost weight very easily.

#memyselfandi Mastery Program Participant

Western Australia

Hi! I'm Vee!

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My journey began the day I lost my younger brother,
when he left this world... so did a part of me.


...and the truth is, it took years before I was able to
recover that missing piece of myself again.


My mum never really recovered. 


I was young and completely destroyed. I didn't have
compassion for what my Mum was going through. 


So not only did I lose my brother and myself,
but I somehow lost my mum along the way too.

For so long I though everyone else was the problem.

Little did I know that my behaviour and fixed mindset was:
  • Alienating me from my mum, my siblings, and my family

  • Disrupting my ability to sleep, think clearly, and perform day-to-day tasks

  • Erode my overall excitement for life…to the point where every day felt numb to me

I was stuck in a cycle of self-sabotage for years.

But when my marriage finally came to a crashing end years later…well…everything changed.

The pain was so devastating that it broke me! It unleashed the unbearable hurt I'd been nurturing deep inside. The heartache I'd being trying to numb for far too long. 

I was at breaking point and was desperate to understand what was going on. 
ONCE and FOR ALL...or nothing was ever going to change. 

Looking back now I can see I had so many "blind spots" in my life that I needed o acknowledge and work through.

Trauma had created a wound in me that I didn’t know how to fix.

I’d formed habits and behaviour during this time that subconsciously became my “coping mechanisms”...

...what I didn't realise is it was these very same habits that were destroying the relationships around me.

And the worst part was, no matter what anyone around me said, I couldn’t hear them.

When I decided to seek help, I was skeptical. 

I didn’t want to spend years focusing on the past and having to analyse every emotion (I’d already spent too much time living there as it was).

I knew I didn’t want fluffy therapy...I wanted solutions.

I knew I didn’t want fluffy therapy...I wanted solutions.

It took me years before I finally found a solution...and no, it wasn't a traditional method offered by the system. 

It was a four-module framework that I found after years of searching that’s not only helped me, but hundreds of my clients as well. 

And it can help you too...if you let it.

You see, by working through this framework, I finally shifted out of living under the shadow of trauma. 


In time I made peace with the loss of my brother – I still miss and grieve him but I’ve let go of the anger surrounding his death.

I started to understand my Mum and in turn our relationship improved as did my relationships with my siblings.

With this tried and tested approach, you too can:
  • Recognise the underlying root cause of what’s tearing you apart inside and causing you to destroy your relationships with others

  • Recalibrate your thinking patterns and defense mechanisms that have developed over you can finally enjoy life and respond to situations in a healthy way

  • Restore trust and respect in your marriage and family

  • Develop closer and deeper relationship with those you truly care about

  • Feel calm and ‘at peace’ with yourself and who you’re becoming


  • Finally master the voice inside your head that’s always accusing you of the things you’ve done in your past

Unless you identify your blindspots and take the time to recalibrate your thinking, it’s impossible to heal.

But as you can see, breaking free from life-long destructive behaviour is possible… and I’m living proof. 

Because life continually throws curve balls and despite all that has been thrown my way including surviving a brain tumour, supporting one of my own children through a life threating illness and all the other sh!t sticks life dishes out I’ve been able to remain relatively steady. 


Don’t get me wrong it’s not all unicorns and rainbows! It’s tough, I too have bad days but I know the buck stops with me. I know my triggers, I know my default reactions and I know what helps me in tough times.

Vee is a wealth of knowledge. She has an ability to help you see what’s happening beyond the problem and guides you to understand yourself while giving you strategies that are easy to implement to beyond the program.

#memyselfandi Mastery Program Participant

Western Australia

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The 6-month #memyselfandi program is for anyone who desperately needs to break free from anxiety, stop self-sabotage, and regain control over their lives.
Here’s the thing: 

By the time most of us realise we need help, these destructive habits and behaviors have already been embedded deep into our subconscious and need to be carefully stripped away one layer at a time.

It kind of reminds me of that classic scene in Shrek where Ogre’s talking to Donkey about just how complicated ogres are:

Shrek: Ogres are like onions.
Donkey: They stink? 
Shrek: Yes…NO!
Donkey: Oh, they make you cry?
Shrek: No! Layers! Onions have layers, ogres have layers. You get it? We both have layers.


You see, human beings really do work in layers, we heal one step at a time... And if you try to rush the process too fast you can sometimes do more harm than good. 


For those who’ve tried everything and feel like every attempt to change has failed, this 6-month accountability and mentorship program will literally take you by the hand through the steps to change with weekly live learning and mentoring from a registered counsellor who’s already made the same journey herself… well as helped hundreds of others get their lives back, restore relationships, and live with freedom, peace of mind, and purpose.

Find out if this program is right for you.

You see, 90% of the people who come to me thinking there’s something seriously wrong with them actually just need personalised guidance on how to regain stability, joy, and satisfaction in life.

They ultimately need to have someone who’s willing to guide them through the process of finding what’s triggering their responses and helping them recalibrate their thinking in a way that will result in change.

How traditional counselling works against you

Here’s the thing: I know that in the moment my clients come to me they’ve composed themselves. 


Any strategy, idea or piece of advice I suggest will be warmly welcomed… 


But that’s not the moment that counts.


It’s the time in-between visits. It’s the heat-of-the-moment situations where something that someone else says or does triggers a negative reaction within you.


Those are the moments where my clients need me and why having weekly check-ins included in the program is literally one of the biggest success factors of the 6-month Behavioural Change program.

Vee you have been able to shed light and make sense of my story and journey in a way that I can understand and actually see now! Not just see it, I can communicate about it with my husband and family which has helped them to understand themselves also.

Working with you has shown me how to have self compassion, which means I’m not getting in my own way, I’m finally working towards what I want rather than holding myself back.

#memyselfandi Mastery Program Participant

Western Australia

Removing “toxic” people from your life isn’t the answer… it only leaves people lonely, victimised and isolated.

This is where I’ll lose some of you.


And that’s ok.


Because to be completely frank with you… there’s a lot of damaging counselling around that’s there to... 


  • Stroke egos

  • Keep people trapped in the lies and negative self-talk of “why me”

  • And make you feel like you’ll need to be in therapy for the rest of your life...


… 20 sessions later, the client still blames her dad for the breakdown of her marriage, for why she hates her boss, can’t hold a job and still devalues her own worth... 

...Meanwhile the system continues to profit from her seemingly unresolvable “daddy issues.”

My job isn’t to tell you that you’re the victim of your past or the poor behaviour of others. 

Yes, we will identify what’s impacted you over time, BUT… 


I’m not going to let you sit there forever trapped in your past experiences.

My job is to help you truly break free.

Find out if this program is right for you.

Get six months of close support with 24 weeks of learning, each week building on the last:

Yes, this will fast track results. But don't confuse the fast track with an easy track. 

Because it's not.

During our time together, you may start to see your thoughts and behaviour change quickly… however I need you to understand that it may not always feel easy. 


It’s going to be hard at times. 


But it will be so worth it!


Here’s what you’ll get:

Direct counselling from me

You’ll have group access to me for six months, as well as two individual ‘break-out’ sessions exactly when you need them, plus coaching and regular email and DM support.

During this time I’ll help you identify the areas you need to personally work through, what outcomes you want to see and how to get there.

It all takes place inside our private Facebook community and membership area. This isn’t like any other program, as I’m personally going to walk you through each step of the way!

Six months of weekly training modules

Live calls and training via Zoom where we interact as a group. Each module builds upon the last and provides you with the practical skills to step out of your bad habits and begin changing your lifestyle long-term.With scheduled times for Q&A and invitations to join the Hot Seat to have your questions answered within the group, you’ll be encouraged along the way and reminded that you’re not alone.

A supportive private community

Inside the private Facebook group members can connect, share experiences and find support. 

Hand-picked specialised experts

Throughout your journey to restarting, you may find along the way that you could benefit from extra support in a focused area. Included in the program, you’ll get access to trained professionals including mindset coaches, sexologists, communication specialists, financial specialists and more. This program really is about setting you up for ongoing change and lasting success in all areas of your life.

Here’s a closer look at what we’ll cover in each module:

We’ll dig deep into:

  • Getting to know YOU using personality testing. This is about identifying your strengths so we know what superpowers for change are already residing within you


  • Gaining clarity, control, competence, and confidence and...why each area is imperative for success in overcoming anxiety and self-sabotage

  • Your 12-month goals and expectations from the program


  • The neurological pathways to resilience that will set you up with healthy and positive thinking patterns 


  • How to steer your focus in a way that allows you to address the past and use it to build a positive future


  • A thoughts appraisal. You already know the issues that arise when we live with blind spots. Let’s dig a little deeper together and weed out the thoughts and patterns that have been limiting you from reaching success


  • The spheres of life and identifying your circles of control – finally understand the areas you can make a difference in and how to let go of the spheres that aren’t your responsibility to change


  • The worry factor – learn strategies to combat the one defence-mechanism that is often to blame for relapse into bad habits and self-sabotage


I’m going to teach you how to access a memory without reliving the pain. From here, you’re finally ready to get “unstuck” from the past.

In this module we’ll be going one step deeper into:

I was stuck in a cycle of self-sabotage for years.

Wielding your “attention stick” like a wand – this will be about training you in how to direct your attention and undergo a thoughts appraisal... you’re able to analyse certain outcomes of situations in your life without lingering on the negative for too long. 


Expanding on your circle of control, this time addressing the “worry” factor and how to overcome the challenges in your mind that it will try to present.


Excuses, Excuses, Excuses…and all the other unhelpful thinking patterns and distortions that slow progress in understanding the control you have over your thoughts and behaviours.


You think you’re avoiding the thorn in your life by building defences around it and avoiding the things that remind you of it. But now that becomes an exact reflection of the thorn itself as it dictates everything.  
Read that again.

Find out if this program is right for you.

Here we’re confronting the past and identifying where you’re stuck by:

  • Undertaking a CRAP analysis. Yeah, you read that right. We’re going to identify the roots of any conflicts, rage, anxiety or problems that you’re experiencing

  • Learning the Bruise Theory… THIS IS LIFE CHANGING. Learn how to access a memory without reliving the pain!

  • Taking a moment to check: are you avoiding certain people, places or activities? This indicates that pain is running certain areas of your life, and it’s time to take back the reins. This is about identifying the THORNS, not avoiding them

  • Recognising resistance (the inner critic theory) – here we’ll find what’s stopping you internally rather than what you think stops you from the outside (HINT: It's not your mom or your dad or your car that doesn't start. It's none of that. It's what's inside that’s stopping you from being where you’d like your future self to be - so it’s time to get out of your own way)


  • Meeting your roommate: you know that inner critic that seems to show up  uninvited? Let’s finally learn how to deal with our emotionally reactive, often irrational friend.

  • Building your own story: The Story of Me. I’m going to spend some dedicated time looking over your story. I’ve helped so many people using this method as it often helps me connect some dots that you may not be seeing

  • Recognising your defense mechanisms and ensuring they’re working in your favour and not automatically taking control where unnecessary

  • Fighting back the fear - discover what’s holding you back and what to do when it tries to block the pathway to change

  • Learning the Games Theory – understand cause and effect in a way that you can spin to your advantage as you recalibrate your mindset and actions

  • Undergoing some healing and reframing work – we'll address any deeply rooted pains of childhood and any areas of unforgiveness that are holding you captive

  • Discovering the silver linings in every situation… right now you may think that’s impossible. Trust me… after completing module 2 you’ll shock yourself at what you find.


  • Engaging in Hot Seat opportunities you need to accelerate your personal growth


Doubting your competence is one thing. But actually lacking it is another. Here, we’ll finally equip you with what you need to master those nagging, criticising thoughts and finally re-start in life.

We’ll also be digging deep into teaching on...

  • Optimism VS pessimism. The answer to “Is pessimism always negative?” How you can continue to control which lens you view your circumstance… you’re going to become a master of your perspective here… no more irrational reactions, each day from here on will become easier and easier to separate yourself from negative attitudes and take ground where you previously struggled to separate yourself from emotion-led behaviour.


  • Back to the future – solidifying positive future beliefs and reducing unhelpful ones.

  • Smoothing off the wheels – here we will be re-visiting your ‘wheel of life’, checking in to see your progress, establishing new priorities and goals for the next six months, 1 year and even 5 years.


  • Understanding positive psychology and how to maintain your transformation and continue to step toward the “future you” that you desire

  • The key ingredients to well-being and a special lesson on where most people get this wrong

  • A series of deep dives into areas like beliefs, coping mechanisms, resilience and your values. In these sessions I’ll be putting you in the hot seat...You’ll be provided with powerful, targeted and individual support where we leave no room for overlooked skeletons in the closet

  • A gratitude perspective. Months from now you’ll look back and realise your current success hinges on the things that shifted when you attended this session in particular. This is the REAL kickstarter for finally breaking free from anxiety, depression and a destructive mindset

  • Access to a range of specific specialists who can help you work through certain areas like mindset, sex, finances, etc. These sessions will all be covered by your membership over the time of that module.


Gaining confidence is only possible when you’ve increased your competence. This module is about helping you maintain the ground you’ve taken in the weeks and months after our time together has come to an end.

Adapting to a situation and looking at it differently is possible, no matter how long you’ve been trapped in the cycle. In fact it’s my goal for you by the time you leave… and I don’t set unrealistic goals.


Too many people disempower themselves in a situation. They’ve had years of unchallenged lies in their heads. 


Want to know why I’m confident that this shift is possible? 


Because I know that after working through these modules with me, you will have put on a different set of lenses… that in itself is enough to kickstart change.


I’m Vee Vinci

I’m a trained relationship and family therapist.


I help people rebuild healthy minds and lives by identifying the core behaviours that need to be addressed in order for real, lasting change to occur. 


By helping my clients uncover the blind spots that are keeping them trapped in bad habits, addiction, self-sabotage and anxiety, I’ve walked them through step-by-step on how to regain control and break out of the ‘victim mentality’ that tells them there is no escape from past trauma.

Having counselled hundreds of individuals and couples through to finally living with joyful, healthy mindsets I take a ‘tackle the blind spots’ approach to make sure changes implemented accomplish the long-term results we all want to see in our lives.

Now the ball’s in your court...

In six months’ time, you’ll either look back at this moment and realise it was the life-changing decision that finally helped you gain back the life and control you once felt slipping through your fingers.


You will finally start to experience what it is to come home to a happy household.


To look forward to spending time with those you love and genuinely feel calm, at peace and in control of how you handle unexpected situations or life circumstances.


You will ultimately be supported to make the changes you need to start living the life you thought impossible.




Six months from now you’ll still be stuck in the same cycle of self-sabotage. Battling the same emotions of fear and anxiety, having toxic fights with your spouse… and totally regretting not doing something about it.


Find out if this program is right for you.

Find out if this program is right for you.

If you’re feeling stuck, overwhelmed and don’t feel like you’re getting anywhere then this is the exact course you need to steer you back on track. It has lasting impact beyond the program. It’s all encompassing and you’ll get more out of it than you can possibly understand at the beginning.

-MMI Participant, Western Australia

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