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I can’t thank Vee enough for her help through this time in my life and will be back to see her, she has given me tools to deal with issues as they come up instead of sticking my head in the sand and

hoping for the best!


Do yourselves a favour, see Vee, she’s the bees knees.

Stacey, NZ


For those struggling with anxiety, depression and destructive mindsets 


A 5-day game plan to kickstart internal success

Here’s what we’ll cover in the bootcamp together:

  • ​My 4 ‘Pillar’ process that helps my clients identify the root cause of their destructive mindset and the power strategies that can be used for sustainable, long-term change

  • How to identify a “blind spot” and discover the blockage that’s preventing change

  • Ways to overcome confusion, brain fog and defence mechanisms that cloud our judgement and prevent healthy internal processing

  • ​How to lessen the feeling of overwhelm when we’ve tried everything but it's only made things worse and we have no idea what to do next


  • The lenses for reframing a situation and how to enter a new perspective (USING OUR UNIQUE SUPERPOWER) in the heat of the moment, when it matters most

  • The secret behind silencing self-doubt so we can finally stop the feeling of “not being good enough” and start seeing a change in our behaviour regardless of what's going on around us.

And so much more!


Join my free 5-day live bootcamp, starting on:

14th June at 12PM AWST

Hosted By:

Veronica Vinci

Founder & CEO

HeadQuarters Counselling Services

[A 5-day "bootcamp" to kickstart internal success]

"It’s quite amazing how we only look at our lives through one filter without realising it and I have found that Vee has a way of pulling things out and showing them as they really are. If you need help or are interested in learning more about yourself I really can’t recommend Vee

more highly!"

Tim, Aus.

"When I started working with Vee my marriage was on the rocks, I felt like I’d lost myself to motherhood and was beyond exhausted. I felt so isolated and stuck in a rut and was just sick of it all, I wanted to re find my spark which I felthad been missing for a couple of years but I didn’t know where or how to even begin.
Through working with Vee I now have a stronger marriage than ever, I communicate so much better with my children and even take time for myself because I understand the importance of re-charging my batteries, something I’d previously ignored."


[Discover joy, peace and the ability to remain calm, no matter what happens in life. ]


I’m Vee Vinci

Hi! I'm Vee Vinci and I’m a Counsellor, Relationship and Family Therapist and Founder of HeadQuarters Counselling Services.


Over the years I've had so many people come to me overwhelmed by the thoughts, feelings and behaviours that have started to consume their minds.

Many often feel trapped, helpless and full of doubt that they’ll ever see change. It's not that they haven’t tried to break free from these mindsets, it's that nothing they do seems to work.


That's why I decided to put together this free 5-day bootcamp that will walk step-by-step through a proven process that’s helped hundreds of people break out of addiction, rage and fear-driven mindsets that have started to affect their lives and the relationships of those around them.


The beauty of it is, by following the steps in this bootcamp, many will already begin making positive, effective even if triggering circumstances continue to swirl around them, they’ll be anchored in positive thinking and a powerful mindset that will see them coping and responding in ways they never thought possible.

[A 5-day game plan to kickstart internal success]

"Vee was recommended to me by a friend to assist my son. After some years, I decided to also see Vee for myself as she already knew a lot of the issues at hand. Vee gave me
strategies to build my self-confidence as well as confirming that I am not only a good person but also a good mum. During the Covid outbreak, we had video conferences instead of face to face and although this was new to me, Vee walked me through that as well. All in all, Vee was there for me for the good and the bad and sometimes the ugly."


[A 5-day game plan to kickstart internal success]

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