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The reason why you DON’T ask for help…

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

You are not the only one that finds it hard to seek help.

It’s so common!

I see it every day in my practice.

You avoid reaching out for help because you don’t know what’s wrong.

You know something doesn’t feel right.

And you don’t have the answers.

So instead you sit in your internal sh$t.

And nothing changes because nothing changes.

You think about seeing me or another professional but then you don’t see it through because you think you have to turn up with a list of things to say.

Then you get overwhelmed and confused and continue to sit in your internal sh$t.

This gets you nowhere!

But let me let you in on a LIFE CHANGING secret.

You don’t need to know the problem.

You just need to know that something doesn’t feel right.

You are ALLOWED to be confused.

I’m the one that’s NOT allowed to be confused.

With trust, time and a few questions I’ll help you find CLARITY.

And when you find clarity, you identify a clear picture of what you want and what actions are required to get you there.

It’s a beautiful thing!

So if something doesn’t feel right for you, take these three steps:


2. Reach out to me or another professional you trust

3. Have faith in the process

Take the first step, ask for help and I’ll support you with the rest.

  • What your main issues are and how we can address them

  • What treatment options would best suit your needs

  • Timeframes, costs, and what you can expect from working together

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