Q. Are Headquarters Therapists Qualified?

Yes. All Counsellors have the necessary qualifications to practice in Western Australia and undertake the relevant governing body requirements. We believe it is important to remain up to date with any new developments and as such undertake further personal and professional development on an ongoing basis.


Q. How Long Will Therapy Take?

This is often a difficult question to answer. It depends on several factors; such as, the issues you are bringing to counselling, the rapport you build with your counsellor i.e. how quickly you can open up to them and what benefit you feel you are gaining from the sessions.  Individuals should expect to attend for up to of 6 sessions for maximum results. Couples on the other hand, may require more time initially and then require only a check-in once they are able to implement change.  However you may have a particular issue that you want help resolving and you might find that you only need 1 or 2 sessions to come to a resolution. There is no minimum or maximum number of sessions required, and you are free to book from session to session.


Q. Are The Sessions Confidential?

All Counsellors are ethically bound to provide confidentiality & privacy during counselling sessions.  It is a vital part of enhancing the therapeutic relationship. No information can be released without your signed consent. Counsellors are required to breach confidentiality if you have indicated harm to yourself or others; suspected child abuse or neglect or committing of a criminal act.  We are obliged ethically to seek advice and report to statutory bodies as required.  


Q. Can I Claim the Cost of my Session?

No, not at present.  Professional Counsellors are excluded from the Medicare Rebate system.  There are some alternate options so please speak directly to one of our counsellors.


Q. How long is a Session? and What will it Cost?

Sessions are 60 minutes in duration or part thereof.  Couple sessions are initially booked as 2 hour sessions and charged at the hourly rate. Sessions are $140.00 per hour (or part thereof) or $120.00 per hour for Students and/or Concession Card Holders.


Q. What if I need to Cancel?

Consideration is given on a case by case basis due to circumstances, however we generally require 24 hours notice of cancellation or full fees will apply.  


Q. Does Counselling Work?

Yes it does. Although each problem is unique and requires a specific approach, the level of effectiveness will be dependent on your input and amount of growth you wish to undertake at any given time.


Q. Is Telephone / Skype Counselling Available?

Yes. We offer sessions via Telephone or Internet using an applicable medium. Fees are charged at the same rate as personal sessions. This process can be discussed over the phone. Credit Card payment or EFT transactional deposits will be required immediately prior to this service being utilised.


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